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Reviews for Bubble of Time

Reviews for Bubble of Time:

FromT.L. Shrefflerauthor of the The Cat's Eye Chronicles

           “very enjoyable, loving the humor,”

            “just as snappy and funny as Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams”


 5/5  Highly imaginative and fun too.

A few months back, Rick Trivett applied to join the Gumbee Fantasy Writers' Guild and as one of the people who reads the books of potential applicants, it fell to me to read Tails of Lyonesse.

What can I say? I loved this book. The story unfolds at a stately, pace which is entirely in keeping with, and suited to, the bucolic idyll of Lyonesse. It also gives you time to appreciate the humour. I enjoyed it immensely. There are some genius pieces of imaginative reckoning in here, some very clever ideas and some cracking characterisation.

In terms of what it's like, think a hybrid of Douglas Adams and Robert Rankin. It all ends very satisfactorily - no cliff hangers here - but with plenty of scope for another instalment which is coming soon I hope.

R J Trivett has definitely earned his Guild membership with this one.

5/5  A lovely gentle story of another time and another place.

Written very much in the style of Terry Pratchett the book tells an enchanting story in a very witty style.
Dave, the hero, is just an ordinary bloke who stumbles into another time and place and finds himself dealing with the mysterious and unexpected at every turn. The Author has a very amusing turn of phrase which pops up on every page, I found myself smiling a lot. I have not finished the book yet, but I am finding myself looking forward to that half hour or so before sleep when I can slip into Lyonnesse County and learn what happens next.

5/5  Murder Mystery and unlikely detective

Dave finds himself off the map, he has no idea when, and with a murder to solve. You'll find this out fairly quickly so I'm not giving away any of the plot.
A mixture of fantasy and thriller with a bit of detective thrown in, Trivett introduces us to a new hearon who will no doubt feature again and again.
One to watch if you like Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, and the Hercule Poirot series.

5/5  Loved it!

            “I have to admit I have a big love for Lyonesse and the South West England. I also love fantasy it was always likely that I would absolutely adore this book.
The story is gripping and easy to follow. It has a light hearted feel that makes reading fun. It is one of those books that you end up reading with a giant grin on your face...which makes everyone wonder just what you are up to.
The characters are simply fantastic and it is impossible not to love them. There is something very clever about the way this is written which makes it the start of what could hopefully be a legendary series.
Yes the focus is on the funny stuff, but don't we all have our inner child who loves this kind of stuff? As others have already said if you love Terry Pratchett than this book is definitely worth a read”

5/5   Loved it!

            “From the minute I started this book I couldn't put it down! I felt I followed David into the Bubble of Time and went on his adventures with him and I loved all the characters. Pratchett Fans will love this book. I can't wait until the second book is out so I can see whether David returns to revisit old friends :) thanks for a great book R J Trivett!”


5/5    A great first book - I want more!

            “I'm a big fan of sci-fi, and a big fan of books set in my local area. This new author gave me both in one book.
The style is different than a lot of authors that do this type of writing, so takes a few pages to get into, but once you've tuned in (hint - read it in Westcountry accent) it really comes to life. The reviewer that says this could be edited into a great book is right in one way, if it was edited for mainstream tastes this could sell a great, many copies. However, I appreciated the uniqueness of the book as it is.
As well as enjoying the main story (no spoilers here!), it was fun for me to play spot the location as the book's set in the far SW of England, an area known for it's mediaeval history, rugged scenery, Celtic mysticism and generally "odd" characters.
Time Travel, motorcycles, magic and more weirdos than you can shake a staff at. What's not to like?
Come on R.J. Trivett, we're waiting for the next book in the series to come out. Get writing!”

5/5   Great first novel

            “Glad to discover this really enjoyable book from a new author, hope this is the first of many. Would definitely recommend this book to fans of Terry Pratchett, Robert Rankin and Douglas Adams”

5/5      Humorous Fantasy

            “I am a fan of fantasy and humorous novels and here we have both in one book, and should appeal to fans of Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams and Tom Sharpe etc. and the book is set in a place called Lyonnesse, very similar to the county of Devon in the southwest of England.
I really liked the way the author has taken a bunch of stereotypes reinvents them then gently takes the mickey out of them, the part where Dave the lead character walks around the block and ends up with hair down to his knees is one of the funniest things i have ever read, there is so much in the book that i read it twice and thoroughly enjoyed it, it is a very good story. in short
Lots of interesting characters and madcap adventures great fun to read, grab yourself a copy and put a grin on your face.
highly recommended”

3/5      interesting storyline...too much detail

            “I like the story line, an enjoyable tale. But, in my view, there's far too much descriptive text that doesn't add to the plot. It makes it quite hard going. I think a decent editor would make this a 'can't put down book'.”

3/5      A strange bubble

            “For those who like fantasies about people traveling to and from other dimensions and have a kind of silly childlike humor, this is an excellent read.
The emphasis is on the funny stuff, not so much the plot itself. There are many long scenes in the story that are just there as a joke, like those scenes with the attacking cats. Scenes that I would have found hilarious when I was 12 years old.
I think R. J. Trivets' humor would be perfect for older kids, 10-14 or so, but there is quite a bit of adult material in the book so it can't be recommended for that age group.
But then again, other writers such as Terry Pratchett also write with great success for all ages perhaps with similar humor.
It's all a matter of taste, and I'm sorry to say that this wasn't a good match for my reading buds.
The world or county of Lyonnesse, lost in its bubble of time, is an interesting, unique setting. A jumble of strange characters, magic and time travel. It's obviously written with great enjoyment but could have used a little more editing.
I'm giving it 3 stars for its ingenuity.”


Today is a very exciting day! Quest in Time: A Beginning, will be released on Kindle on the 1st of September and is now available to pre-order

The paper back will be out later in September!

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