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Quest in Time

cover2.2Dave’s life is going down the toilet. His job is depressing, his girlfriend has dumped him, and to top it all off, he’s been SMIDSY’d and watched his pride and joy go under the wheels of a lorry. Just when he decides to return to the mythical county Lyonnesse permanently he bumps into the landlord of the Stoat and Ferret. However, it is not the Fred that he knows, but a younger version of him. What’s more Fred the younger is in trouble and the only place he can get help from is the one place he can’t go, Lyonnesse. With even more reasons to go, and his friend in trouble, Dave returns to Lyonnesse and the friends he left behind. But helping Fred the younger isn’t going to be as easy as Dave thought and he has to go on a quest. Quite literally. He has to venture into part of the Imagination known as The Games Realms, and experience life from the other side of the dice in a role-playing game.


Today is a very exciting day! Quest in Time: A Beginning, will be released on Kindle on the 1st of September and is now available to pre-order

The paper back will be out later in September!

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