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Have you ever wished that you lived somewhere where life was simpler? Where everything didn’t run on computer chips? Where people live in communities, not urban sprawl? Where everything does not have to be done, not only yesterday, but preferably last week? And where magic and wonder have not been driven out? Then welcome to my Lyonnesse.

            There have always been myths and legends surrounds Lyonnesse, particularly in Arthurian stories. It is said to lie somewhere on the southwest peninsula of England, perhaps a wide tract of land between Lands’ End and the Isles of Silly.

My interpretation is of a kingdom hidden in time by the Druids, prior to the invasion of the Roman army. Not the Druids as portrayed by the Roman historians, but the peaceful lawgivers, storytellers and lore keepers that are being uncovered by archaeological investigation. By concealing, what was then, a kingdom in a bubble of time, it protected them from the outside world.

An unforeseen side-effect of hiding in time was that Lyonnesse became connected to all points in time and, by default, space as well.

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